Hi, my name’s Bill Morley, and I run Chargrills.com as a hobby site, reviewing grills and all things BBQ. My favorite meals off the grill are ribs, hamburgers, and filets. I love grilling down at the river after a day kayaking, and live near San Marcos with my wife and three girls. I don’t accept […]

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Best Electric Smokers of 2016

Best Electric Smokers

The Best Electric Smokers Review of 2016 – Introduction Can the best electric smoker really deliver in quality? It used to be that smoking meats was an exaggerated act of martyrdom: get up real early or stay up really late stoking the fires, checking the temperatures, and constantly monitoring the progress of your BBQ. It’s […]

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Best Grills Under 500 Dollars

Best Outdoor Grills

Best Grills Under 500 Dollars For The Money Outdoor parties, especially barbecues, are a popular summer pastime, which is why an excellent, fully functional grill is a staple at such events. Now is the time to invest in a model that you can turn to for barbecues and shindigs out-of-doors, and this you can do without even […]

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Must Have BBQ Accessories

Best Gas Grills, Charcoal Grills, Pellet Grills, & Electric Smoker Reviews

Cooking Utensils and Grilling Tools All the grilling tools that help you cook your food as well as maneuver it onto, around and off your grill.  Most of these you are probably familiar with, while the more innovative ones may be new to you. Tongs Long handled, spring hinged tongs are available almost everywhere, and are […]

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