Best Gas Grills of 2016

Best Gas Grills of 2016

Looking for the best gas grills? We’ve done the work to provide you with reviews that are relevant and will help you decide which is the best gas grill for you. We’ve created this chart for you to easily scan the features that are relevant to you, and compare each product. Click on what interests you to read the review!

If you fancy yourself to be a grilling person but cannot tolerate the needed requirements in using charcoal, then a gas grill could better fit your bill. These amazing grills are made for people who find themselves disdainful of the disadvantages that come with cooking with charcoal: the resulting soot, the time needed to set it up, the added expense, and the time you’ll spend cleaning it after you’re done, all add up to the hassle most people cannot afford. So if you want to cook your burgers or your ribs in half the time you would normally do, then you will find your grilling needs fulfilled with the best gas cook top.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when you look to find the right grill for you.

What is the best gas grill for the money?


One of your main considerations must be how much you want to spend. Gas BBQ Grills cover a wide price range. You can buy them for under $100 to over $1,000. You should set yourself an upper limit and stick to it.

Frequency of Use?

The amount of time you will spend using your gas BBQ can affect your buying choice. If you plan on using it regularly you should buy a model that is sturdy and made of heavy gauge steel housing. If you will only be using it about once a month the lighter steel frame models will work just as well.

What Will It Be Used For?

Will you be using your gas BBQ for entertaining, family cookouts or for camping or road trips – these too will affect your buying choice. Entertaining – If your BBQ is going to be the star attraction at your parties you will need to have a large cooking surface a warming rack and side burners, not to mention space for preparation and storage. Keeping your BBQ clean will also be very important – so look for porcelain coated grills that are much easier to clean than plain steel grills. Family Cookouts – Buy a model that has a side burner so that can you do ALL your cooking outside. Camping & Road Trips – The main features you need to look for are portability and durability. You can buy some very compact gas BBQ grills, but make sure they are sturdy.

What Will You Be Cooking?

The type of food you are planning to cook on your BBQ also plays a part in your buying choice. Foods such as steaks, burgers and sausages need 2 heat areas if you want to cook to perfection! – A high heat to sear the meat and then a lower heat to ensure the outside is not overcooked. Seafood & Vegetables are delicate so if you want to cook these you will require a big enough grill with different heat zones. For perfect results every time you need to make sure that the BBQ you select has more than1 burner and that they can be controlled separately or are of different strength outputs. To help you find the best gas grill available on the market right now, here is a compilation of some of the best in terms of reliability, usability, and affordability. Hopefully, you will choose one that is the best for your own specific purposes, but to help you with that there will also be a conclusion section that will point out the best gas grill in terms of their given features.

Char-Broil Performance Tru 500

Char-Broil Tru 500 Angle Open


The Char-Broil Tru 500, as its name already implies, has 500 square inches of main cooking space. It also has a flush-mounted side burner that conveniently comes with a lid that can act as a side station when not in use.  The side burner has 180 sq. in. of cooking area atop a porcelain-coated swing-away rack. The lids, handles, control panels, and fascia are all made of highly durable stainless steel. There is also a large metal side shelf for when you need additional workspace. The Char-Broil Tru 500 also uses an electric ignition system for an easier startup that is completely match free.


For an incredible price that can be considered half of what more expensive grills cost, you can easily own the Char-Broil Tru 500 without losing out on a plethora of features. It offers as much as any other grill could, with an incredibly large cooking area that is suitable for large outdoor parties. To reiterate, it’s also extremely affordable compared to other grills on the market.


Although the quality is there, it could’ve been better done, but the manufacturers focus on affordability, which took a little bit off the premium feel you would otherwise get from other grills. The cooking is also a bit uneven, as some reported, with the sides being overcooked most of the time, so it’s worth noting to watch out for that. Also, the warranty is only for 5 years, which is a short time compared to others that can range as long as 99 years.


Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D Smart Space Living 36,000 BTU 3-Burner LP Gas Grill

Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-DFeatures

The Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D features 3 burners with each generating up to 12,000 BTU and made of high-quality stainless steel. The 3 burners provide a total of up to 36,000 BTU of grilling power, which is no lean feat for a smaller-sized grill. It features a fairly large primary grilling area of 390 sq. in., plus about 117 sq. in. secondary grilling space. Both areas sit atop porcelain-coated cast iron grates for a completely rust-free and easy-cleaning experience. On both sides are fold down side tables which are extremely helpful as extra workstations. It also includes steel heat tents on the grill itself to protect the burners and your flavored foods. It features a variety of control valve options for flexibility in your grilling experience. The electronic pulse ignition system makes quick work of the startup time every time you use it.


The Dyna-Glo DGB390SNP-D is made on a smaller scale for people who want to conserve space as much as possible. It works great for those who cook only for themselves, or for a small group of people. It’s quite affordable as well, being in the mid-range prices for grills. Among all the space- and money-saving designs, it managed to keep the most basic features to keep it desirable for people who want their grills small but fairly functional.


A grill like this would be better if it were in the lower price range instead of mid-range. The smaller cooking area and lack of additional functionality on the side tables is also a bit of a put-off. Compared to other grills on the market, it’s not as cost efficient, even if you’re buying it just to save some space.


Weber 46100001 Spirit S210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Weber S210Features

The Weber Spirit S-210 is more of a personal grill with its 2-burner system that has a combined output of 26,500 BTU, which is more than enough for most of your grilling needs. It incorporates a stainless steel fold-down tables on both sides for extra space that can add to your workstation. The primary cooking area measures 360 sq. in., with an additional warming rack area of 90 sq. in. The grates for the primary cooking area are made of a heavy duty, porcelain-enameled cast iron that are enabled with Weber’s own Flavorizer technology that allows the flavors to stay in what you’re cooking. The Weber Spirit S-210 also uses a state-of-the-art Electronic Crossover ignition system for the easiest startups ever.


The Weber Spirit S-210 has the advantage of standing behind a trusted brand when it comes to grilling. The Weber lineup has always been the go-to for such items, so it should come as no surprise that the Weber Spirit S-210 is one of the best personal gas grills that money can buy. The quality construction, plus the wealth of features, makes it a high-end gas grill that is made specifically for smaller spaces.


Being a high-end grill, of course, means that it will not come inexpensive. Easily the most expensive of the three reviewed, yet with less grilling power, cooking area and no added functionality on the side tables, it means that in terms of cost efficiency coming from features only, this is not the most cost-efficient product. You can easily buy two of Char-Broil Classic 4-Burner Gas Grill with the money you’ll be spending on this one.


Though you can make an argument that the Weber Spirit S-210 makes a great case for it being the best gas grill of the three, cost efficiency on the most basic scale will tell you otherwise. Even though it has several added functionalities that are native to its brand, the Weber Spirit S-210 is easily bested by the Char-Broil Classic 4-Burner in terms of cost efficiency and overall usefulness. Of the three, if you’re looking to get the most out of your buck, then this would be the best gas grill for your purposes. However, one cannot deny the quality of Weber grills.


Gas Grill Features

There are many product features available with gas BBQ grills and you need to decide which are important to you when making your choice of grill.

Features Benefits
Gas Regulator Very important safety feature and every BBQ should have one. Will cut off supply of gas if there is a leak.
Gas BBQ’s can use butane or propane gas but they each use different size regulators. Check what type your BBQ has before you buy your gas!
Electronic Ignition Push button start, could not be easier
Side Burner Great for pans of fried onions or beans!
1 – 6 Burner Grills Only 1 will mean you are unable to have different heat zones
All Weather Cover Very important to protect your grill from the elements. Can be bought separately, but adds to your cost.
Gas Bottle Holder Keeps your gas bottle secure.
Fold Down Side Table Very useful for storage and preparation.
Porcelain Coated Grill Plates A lot easier to clean!
Leg Brake / Lockable Wheels Keeps BBQ in place while cooking.
Base Shelf Useful Storage Area
Built in Thermometer Some models have thermometer on hood so that you can control the cooking temperature.
Wheels for easy Maneuverability A good feature if you need to move your BBQ around.
Warming Rack Keeps food hot while you are still cooking.

Gas Grilling Tips

1. Maintain a clean grill. Bad tasting flavor of the food and constant smoking can ruin a barbecue if the grill is not regularly cleaned. Also, it’s would be hard to clean the grill if it’s not cleaned on a regular basis, which is 10 to 15 minutes after using it. It is also recommended that you do not take shortcuts in cleaning a gas grill. It’s very important for having great gas barbecue.

2. Sugar and heat. It doesn’t take much to burn sugar when cooking or barbecuing, thus causing the food to blacken. So to make sure to have that great tasting rubs or barbecue sauce flavor, it’s best to have a lower grilling temperature due to the sugar in the rubs and sauces.

3. Control flare-ups. Flares could be very dangerous if not controlled. When a flare-up occurs, it’s best to move the food away from it, and it must be burned down with the lid up. Sometimes, you may have to turn off the burners if the fire is out of control.

4. Keep plenty of fuel. If an extra propane tank is nearby and full, it will only take moments to use for cooking. However, if there is no extra full propane tank, it will take a great while to get a full propane tank.

5. Food safety. Food safety is also very important to prevent injuries, like potential food borne illnesses. Rinsing off your meat and vegetables before cooking goes a long way in reducing exposure to potential pesticides and other foreign objects. It’s also important not to under cook the food to prevent salmonella exposure. And don’t forget to wash your hands before and after barbecuing.

6. Watch the grill. With the potential of flare-ups occurring unexpectedly, it’s always important to keep watching the grill, or have someone to watch it if you have to step away from the grill.

7. Regular maintenance of the grill. To make sure there are no unfortunate mishaps, it is always a good idea to keep up with regular maintenance on the grill, especially if you have an older grill.

8. Indirect grilling. This is good for slower cooking of whole chickens and large roasts, for instance. Direct heat cooks fast. These are good gas grill tips to keep in mind when wanting to cook fast or slower for huge steaks or other huge slabs of meat, or when cooking corn on the cob or other vegetables.

9. Searing. One of the best barbecue tips includes searing. Doing this will lead to perfectly grilled flavor when done just right.

10. Use the right temperature. As already mentioned, using the right temperature will prevent under cooking or even overcooking of food.