Best Grill Pans: Expand Your Grilling Options

Best grill pan

Best grill pans 2017 Looking to expand your grilling options? How about the times where outdoor grilling isn’t an option? For a few bucks, you can make a tasty grilled dish with any of the best grill pans you can get at an affordable price. A grill pan is a kitchenware designed to work as […]

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Best Grill Mat For BBQ Grills

Grill Mat

Best Grill Mat for Less Mess, No Fuss Love grilling but hate the mess? Missing time with the family at large get togethers all because you had to scrub the grill grates and clean up spills, or maybe you are often frustrated over the way some food falls through the grill while cooking?  Maybe you […]

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5 Best Built In Grills For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Built In Grill

A Guide to the Best Built-in Grills Introduction BBQ grills are an American legacy that have been in existence for as long as one could remember; nothing brings as much fun as a gathering together outside as a family, under the dark-starred clouds and rehashing family moments while the dinner is cooking on the grill. […]

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Best New Grills, Ovens, and Smokers of 2017

Best New Grills 2017

The grill market isn’t like fancy tech; televisions, cell phones, computers, and other products come and go with the advancement of time. But with grills, there are seldom shifts in ground-breaking ways to cook. There are refinements, evolutions, and other differentiators, but by and large, newer grills bring conveniences, and not necessarily better tasting food. […]

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Best Portable Pizza Oven Roundup

Portable Pizza Oven

The Portable Pizza Oven is pure genius. Who doesn’t like pizza? We all do! But who actually likes frozen pizza?

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Propane vs Natural Gas Grilling Guide


Propane Gas vs Natural Gas Grills Gas grills are very popular in the United States. With popularity comes variety. Other than the brands, models, and features, the main difference between gas grills is the type of fuel used. Most of the Americans will use either a propane gas or a natural gas grill. For that, […]

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Lump Charcoal: The Best Fuel for Grilling

Getting The Best Results With Lump Charcoal Fall is in the air, and family gatherings abound. Grilling is a favorite past time for family gatherings and one product that any griller is sure to need for their next grilling will be lump charcoal. Shown to be far better than traditional charcoal, this fuel is sure […]

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Big Green Egg Prices Questioned

Finding An Alternative To High Big Green Egg Prices It’s no doubt that The Big Green Egg prices means you’re making a commitment to grilling. We sure aren’t going to argue with spending money on quality! But with increasing competition, are you getting what you’re paying for? Does Big Green Egg need to rethink its resellers-only […]

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Lighting A Charcoal Fire Guide

Charcoal Grill Tips

Lighting A Charcoal Grill Tips and Fire Guide Everyone knows how to light a charcoal fire, right?  Well, maybe, maybe not.  For charcoal lighter options, there may be more than you ever expected.  Depending on your grill, the item you’re cooking, the method of cooking you are using, and your own personal taste preferences, when it comes to […]

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BBQ Meat Food Temperature Charts

Best Gas Grills, Charcoal Grills, Pellet Grills, & Electric Smoker Reviews

One of the critical factors in controlling bacteria in food is controlling temperature. Pathogenic microorganisms grow very slowly at low temperatures, multiply rapidly in mid-range temperatures, and are killed at high temperatures. For safety, foods must be held at proper cold temperatures in refrigerators or freezers and they must be cooked thoroughly. It is essential […]

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