George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill

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4.5/5 on June 28, 2016

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3,049 reviews


  • Well built
  • Foreman grill performance and cooking quality
  • Stand makes it versatile
  • Can be used on the counter


  • Portability limited by electrical power source requirement
  • It's a griddle, so there's really no adding flavor via smoke
  • Grease tray required to prevent mess


The George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill is a great option for those living in apartments and travelers who have access to electrical power sources. The power cord could be longer, but that's why there's extension cords. The grill cooks fish, burgers, veggies and a host of foods as well as any other Foreman grill.

George Foreman Outdoor Electric Grill Review Introduction

Treat your family and friends to a delicious meal cooked on a self-supporting, standalone George Foreman outdoor electric grill. Place on tabletop or outside. It is 2-1/2 feet tall. Keep the house cool summer by sitting outside with this hassle free cooking tool. A neat outdoor or indoor cooker when outdoor flame cooking is forbidden, provided you have a generator or source of electricity. Take it on a camping trip or a road trip. No difficult clean up, since it has a non-stick coating. The grill has a removable stand and removable grill plate making it extra easy to move around. The 240-inch cooking surface cooks for up to 15 people.

George Foreman Outdoor Electric Grill Review
Key features

  • No-fuss grilling made easy, for use indoors or outside
  • Grill can be used on pedestal (stands about 1/2 feet high) or on tabletop
  • Uses electric heat, with adjustable range from low to high
  • Sloping grate base draws fat away from food to collect in easy-to-empty tray
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Out of the box

The George Forman indoor/outdoor grill was neatly packed and easy to get out of the box. Everything except the screwdriver is provided. It was neatly packed and easy to remove from the package.

Initial setup

Only takes about 15 minutes to assemble. Instructions are very clear. A medium sized Phillip head screwdriver is necessary. The screws were a bit short but, overall, it is very simple to connect the three main components: the dome, stand, and grill.


Plug it in and it heats in a few minutes. The heating system is even and consistent, making it well suited to cooking a variety of foods. Being extremely transportable makes it great for use just about anywhere. Using it is a breeze outside or on a tabletop. A grill pan picks up excess oil. This is a time saver when it is time to clean up. Foreman grills have proven to last for years and are highly reliable. It has all the features of any other Foreman grill, so if you’re a fan, here’s a great option for those who need something more versatile than your standard countertop Foreman grill.

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