Landmann USA Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker

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4.3/5 on September 20, 2016

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84 reviews


  • Cheapest electric smoker in its class
  • Reliable and consistent temperatures
  • Ability to set temperature
  • Window for checking food


  • No digital controls
  • No meat temperature probe
  • No side-loading function


About as basic as you can get, Landmann USA delivers a cheap, functional, and effective 26" electric smoker. It even has a window.

Landmann USA Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker 26 Inch Review

The Landmann USA Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker with Viewing Window has a price tag that makes it very attractive for those looking for an entry-level model. Although it lacks a lot of the bells and whistles of more expensive models, this product still gets the job done. It provides optimal temperature ranges for the most common smoking applications. Here’s a great introductory and walkthrough video from the manufacturer. This model does not have the window in the door, however, otherwise they are the same unit:


  • 3-in-1 Compartment for Easy Access & Clean Up: This model features a 3-in-1 compartment that holds the wood chip box, water pan and grease tray. This makes adding wood chips and water very easy. It also allows for a hassle free clean up.
  • Independent Plug-In Temperature Controller: Set the smoker to your desired temperature with simple controls.
  • Capacity: Features 443 square inches of cooking space, as well as 3 chrome plated cooking grids.
  • Double-Wall Door with Viewing Window: With a large viewing window, you can easily monitor your meat’s progress. This stops you from opening the door and letting out smoke and heat.
  • Adjustable Feet: This model features 4 adjustable feet so that you can level the smoker on uneven surfaces. It also has wrought iron handles so you can easily transport the smoker as needed.

What We Liked About The Landmann USA Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker

This is a great, no-fuss electric smoker. It is incredibly easy to use, which makes it great for anyone who is new to smoking. Although it does not come with any integrated metal probes like the Char-Broil models, you can compensate for this easily. The viewing window allows you to monitor your meat. It also allows you to use any old oven proof thermometer. Simply stick the thermometer in your meat, and keep an eye on it through the window. It’s not exactly fancy, or the most convenient way to do it. But it will save you some money if you’re not ready to leap into a higher end smoker.

What to Look Out For

This model lacks the “automatic” cooking features of some of the higher end models. You don’t get any fancy apps or remotes to check your smoking progress with this model. The only way to check your meat is to do it the old fashion way – getting up from the couch and peeking through the window. You will also want to consider the amount of meat you plan to smoke. This model only gets up to about 225 degrees. So don’t plan on using this smoker for a large turkey unless you have a ton of time to spend refilling the wood chips and water.

USA Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker Verdict

It’s important to understand that with a model like this, you truly get you pay for. Similar to the Smoke Hollow 26-inch Electric Smoker, this model takes a no-frills approach. If you’re new to smoking, and looking for a model to test the waters, this is a wonderful place to start. The Landmann USA Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker will smoke a great piece of meat, however, you should expect to do a bit of experimenting to perfect your technique. If you want to simplify the smoking process and benefit from the convenience of smoking technology, you should look into purchasing a higher end model.

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