Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 30 Inch Digital

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4.5/5 on October 3, 2016

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3,855 reviews


  • Well built and affordable
  • Side-loading wood chips and drip pan
  • Powerful heating element
  • Digital Controls


  • No temperature probe
  • Window model costs more


Masterbuilt is the Weber of smokers, and their full line of electric smokers starts with this affordable, yet spacious and effective 30 inch unit. It gets the job done, and can be in it for the long haul with side loading chips, which doesn't allow as much heat to escape. You're saving a lot of money on not having a window, remote, or meat probe, but the latter can be rectified after market. All in all, a solid and recommended product.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Introduction

Masterbuilt is a family-owned business started in 1973, and is located in Columbus, Georgia. They manufacture one of the most popular and affordable electric smokers on the market. The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker has a digital control so you get a consistent temperature throughout. Optional models include an advanced controller with remote functionality, and still sell for under well under $300.

The 30 Inch Masterbuilt Electric Smoker with digital controls is one of the top selling best electric smoker models in the world. It has stellar customer reviews, and the company is highly regarded in the community. It’s durable, feature-rich, and delivers some of the best performance in its class. It’s a good, cheap smoker that’s handy to have around the home.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Features

  • Cooking space: 730 square inches over four racks gives you plenty of room for large cuts of meat, full chickens, and just about any other combination you can think of. When you’re looking to smoke meat, you want to go big, because it’s a big job, and there’s no reason not to cook as much as you think your family and friends can enjoy.
  • 4 chrome-coated racks: this is great because the chrome resists rust, and is easy to clean. The meat won’t easily stick to it, and the fact that there’s four of them means you can vary the distance from the heating element and wood chips to suit your preference.
  • Digital temperature and timer controls: you’ll want to make sure you keep the smoker at a consistent temperature, and if you know what you’re doing, you can set it and forget it, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the timer control will shut off the unit when it’s appropriate. That will make sure you aren’t over-cooking your food, which can lead to dry, disappointing final product.
  • 800 Watt heating element: when you’re cooking large cuts of meat, the temperature tends to dip due to laws of thermodynamics. Having a powerful heating element helps bring that temperature up to a consistent leve.
  • 100 to 275F operation: being able to maintain a low or high temperature gives you more flexibility in the type of food you can cook. It also allows you to keep the final product warm while you prepare the rest of the meal.
  • Sideloading wood chips, removable drip pan: being able to load the wood chips without opening the front door goes a long way to keeping the heat consistent, and delivers a more consistent product. The removable drip pan makes for a very easy clean up.
  • Top air damper: dampers are good for controlling the level of smoke that your meat is exposed to. This will help you get the exact flavor that you’re looking for.

What We Liked About The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

There are more customer reviews on this unit than just about any other on the market. Professional reviews are a great place to start when looking for any product, but end-user customer feedback is invaluable. We also liked the fact that it’s well-insulated. That helps it maintain temperatures in all types of weather, and keeps it efficient as well. Replacement parts are relatively cheap, and the heating element is easy to swap out.

What To Look Out For

The fact a heating element is the most likely part to fail in any electric smoker is always a concern, but a rare occurrence. Masterbuilt mitigates this hassle by making their heating element easy to swap at an affordable price. In addition, some consider the power cord a little short, but we don’t know a situation where one wouldn’t use an extension cord in any situation in order to place the smoker where one desired.

Masterbuilt Electric SmokerVerdict

The 30 Inch Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is a great option for those looking to get into smoking meats for the first time. The consistent temperature, gracious cooking space, and timed operation make for a stress-free introduction to smoked BBQ. It’s the best electric smoker for its price.

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