Pit Boss K22 Model 71220 Ceramic Kamado

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4.5/5 on September 25, 2016

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53 reviews


  • Quality ceramic build
  • Rivals features of Kamado Joe
  • Includes rolling stand and shelves
  • Stainless steel, tw0-tier grate


  • Two-tier grate not as flexible as Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer system
  • Pricier than the Akorn Grill


The Pit Boss K22 is a solid entry from Pit Boss, and could be an affordable alternative to those who don't need the Divide and Conquer system from Kamado Joe. If saving money is your aim, however, this is one of your best alternatives to the Big Green Egg.

Pit Boss K22 Kamado Model 71220 Review

The Pit Boss K22 Model 71220 Kamado BBQ Ceramic Grill Cooker is the perfect gift for an aspiring chef. It combines quality and versatility to produce delicious barbecue. It’s an all-in-one charcoal cooker that will prepare just about anything you throw at it. This model also offers a large amount of cooking space for the price. True to the Pit Boss brand, this cooker combines affordability with a host of features.

Pit Boss offers a line of pellet smokers and accessories, and has recently begun dipping into the kamado business with the Pit Boss K22 Kamado. Known for offering affordable prices, the quality of Pit Boss products is also quite good. If you’re looking for a great deal, this is generally the way to go. However, once you use a Pit Boss grill, it is usually pretty easy to see where they have optimized their designs to keep their costs down.


  • Two-tiered Stainless Steel Cooking Grates: This model maximizes your grilling space with it’s two-tiered layout. The upper grate can be flipped out of the way to accommodate any cooking configuration you desire. This design gives you a generous 567 square inches of cooking surface to work with.
  • Thick Ceramic Build: With thick ceramic walls, this cooker is great for maintaining the perfect internal temperature. It radiates the heat into your food to lock in moisture and intensify the flavor.
  • Cast Iron Calibrated Damper: The easy to use damper system makes controlling the temperature a simple process that’s beginner friendly. Using this system, you can set your desired temperature to slow smoke meats, grill burgers, sear a steak or even bake a pizza.
  • Large Exterior Thermometer: You can monitor your meal with ease thanks to the large thermometer on the outside of the grill.- Dual folding shelves: This cooker features two wooden shelves to hold your food and cooking utensils with ease. When you’re finished cooking, you can fold down the shelves for compact storage.

What We Liked

The Pit Boss K22 provides a great quality model for the price. It has many of the features of more expensive cookers, without needing to break the bank. Assembly is quite easy thanks to a simple instruction manual. The parts are a bit heavy, however, so you may need a second person to help with putting it together. I was also a big fan of the two-tiered cooking system that allows you to cook larger meals.

What to Look Out For

The thermometer on this model is a bit iffy at the best of times. I found I couldn’t always trust the reading. However, it was easy to swap out the thermometer for a better quality reading. It’s a slight inconvenience but still much cheaper than buying a Big Green Egg! There have also been some reports of the bottom damper not fitting tight enough for an air tight seal. You can fix this fairly cheaply with a little felt gasket. Another slight inconvenience. But overall, these fixes are minor in comparison to the savings on this model.

Pit Boss K22 Verdict

I was particularly impressed with the sturdiness of the build. The Pit Boss brand has been criticised by a few for cutting corners, however, I found the durability of this cooker to be right in line with the price; there are a lot of Kamado competitors out there and not all of them are building units that cost around 1000 dollars, one of the most popular being the Kamado Joe, so design decisions have to be made in order to hit lower price points. I do not feel that Pit Boss sacrificed anywhere in cooking performance, minus our gripe about the thermometer and perhaps having to fiddle with the lower damper. It’s a step up from the Char-Griller Akorn grill model as far as quality goes. If you’re looking for a little more out of an entry-level Kamado grill, then the Pit Boss K22 Kamado is definitely one to consider.

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