Primo Oval 775 Kamado Grill and Oven

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5/5 on October 2, 2016

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  • Oval design delivers vastly superior advanced barbecuing techniques
  • Amazing build quality
  • Large grate surface area
  • Excellent ceramic material


  • Pricier than the Big Green Egg
  • Shelves and stands are extra


The Primo Oval is built for professionals. If you're looking to do some really fancy, show-off barbecuing, look no further. Being able to easily create direct, indirect, and radiant heating zones means that this Kamado oven cooker is the last outdoor grill you'll ever need to buy. Editor's Choice.

Primo Grills Introduction

Primo Grills is quickly taking over some market share as well. It’s known for manufacturing high quality, American made kamado style grills. They feature the oval shaped design that allows two zone grilling, and flexibility in your meal prep. Among the professional barbecuing community, this company holds high marks for their quality ceramics and performance. The Primo Oval Large Kamado Grill and Oven is one of the few Kamado outdoor grills that can justify its price premium versus the Big Green Egg. Being able to easily create direct or indirect heating zones, as well exceling at baking, smoking, and roasting makes up for the fact that, like the Big Green Egg, it does not come with any accessories.

Primo Oval Kamado Oven and Cooker Model 775 LG 300

The Primo brand is extremely proud of its “made in the USA” label, and we can’t blame them. It’s one of the few premium kamado grills that is manufactured on American soil. The Primo 775 LG 300 is often regarded for its oval shape that makes cooking long foods, like a brisket, much easier.

Similar to the Divide and Conquer design of the Kamado Joe models, the Primo Oval cooker also allows you to cook using direct or indirect heat. However, its distinct oval shape gives you much more control over the direct heat, which allows you to grill more meat on one side, and at the same time roast, bake, or smoke more food on the other. Furthermore, you can utilize a wide variety of accessories to use the oven as a roaster, smoker, or pizza oven.

If one kamado grill is worth the premium price, this may be it.


  • Distinct Oval Shaped Design: The oval shape of this grill gives you additional flexibility. You can easily swap between grilling on direct or indirect heat. In addition, the high sitting lid makes it easy to cook larger pieces of meat such as whole chickens or turkeys. This unique shape also helps to retain the heat and maintain a consistent temperature while you cook.
  • Built with Primo Super Ceramics: The Primo grill was built with premium grade ceramics. It is also coated with a protective, lead-free and scratch resistant porcelain glaze.
  • Expandable Cooking Area: The Primo offers a fair amount of cooking space at 300 square inches. Using their rack system, you can expand the surface area to 495 square inches.
  • Easy Life and Lock Hinge System: This system keeps the lid in place while it is raised. It also features a felt gasket to soften the close of the lid. This protects your cooker while opening and closing the lid.

Here’s a GREAT Video On Using The Primo Oval:

What We Liked

Primo offers a solid grilling system to the kamado grill market. Their American-made pride is evident in the quality of their cooking units. The oval shaped design is definitely a stand out. The high sitting lid makes it easy when you’re trying to cook a large turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. It also holds its temperature really well, and makes it easy to create a hot and cool zone while you are cooking. The results speak for themselves.

What to Look Out For

You’ll need to purchase the grilling stand or table separately if you don’t already have one. It also does not come with shelves. It is really important that you place this grill on a steady grilling surface as it can tip over fairly easily. You can purchase heat safe ceramic feet separately to help stabilize the unit. In addition, the charcoal firebox divider and ceramic plates are extra.


As far as kamado grills go, Primo definitely holds their own as the competition in this market increases. This is a great quality grill that produces consistent results. The oval shape design is unique, and makes it the perfect choice for someone who needs the extra lid space. However, the Primo Oval cooker grill carries a steep price tag. When you consider that you also have to purchase a grilling stand, this turns into a big investment. If you are going to spend this kind of money on a grill, you’d likely be better off choosing another high end model like the Kamado Joe. In this price range, you can get a much bigger grilling space and similar durability. Due to its incredible performance, we’re awarding it a Char Grills Editor’s Choice Award.

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