Fox Outfitters Quick Grill Medium

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4.9/5 on June 25, 2016

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208 reviews


  • Extremely light
  • Extremely portable
  • Doesn't need a charcoal chimney for quick starts
  • Even grilling surface do to reflective nature of the design


  • Thin metal material
  • Main grill does not latch on directly to the stand
  • Ash tray catcher is useless


This folding, compact, portable charcoal grill is my new favorite, must-have accessory for trips to the river, kayaking, or camping. It’s a brilliant design, and it works just as it should. When it folds down, it’s less than three inches thick, and comes with a soft carrying case. It’ll fit in your backpack or your kayak. The price is a bargain, and as such, we highly recommend it.

Fox Outfitters Quick Grill Medium Review – Introduction

The Fox Outfitters Quick Grill is meant to be compact, portable, easy to use, and effective. It folds into a compact carrying case and would easily fit into a backpack or kayak. Its design negates the need for a charcoal chimney, and, as a result, charcoal briquettes will start fast and the grill will be ready for food very quickly.

Key Features

  • Easy to use folding grill set. Folds down for convenient storage and portability. Extremely to set up.
  • Made from premium food grade stainless steel. For use with charcoal and wood. Includes carry bag.
  • Grill size: 12″ x 12″; Great for burgers, fish, steak, hot dogs, corn and more.
  • Assembled size: 13″ x 13″ x 8.5″; Folded size: 13.5″ x 7.25″ x 2.25″
  • Perfect for camping, backpacking, picnics, tailgate parties, rv camping, trailers, parks, and grilling in small spaces.

Out of the Box

Out of the box the grill is almost ready to go. Remove the bubble wrap and protective film from the components, and the grill is ready. It comes in a very small box, not much bigger than the unit itself when fully compacted.

Initial Setup

This will be the shortest initial setup write-up we’ve ever done. Follow the visual instructions, put the five pieces together, and you’re ready to go. You really don’t even need the instructions if you have a knack for puzzles…kids puzzles. That have five pieces.


Here’s where this grill really shines. You simply don’t need a charcoal chimney. Light the briquettes, sit back, drink a beer, and wait for the briquettes to do what they do in any other grill. They’ll get hot, fast, just like in a chimney. Once they’re ready to go, the grill acts as a heat reflector and makes for a surprisingly even cooking area. The coals are close to the meat, so keep an eye for flare ups, and hot dogs will cook fast. I cooked two pounds of hamburger meat on the grill without issue. There were a few flare-ups from the 85/15 hamburger meat I used, but in no way was it an issue, like with most open top, outdoor grills. I found the ash tray to be superfluous, almost useless if you’re cooking on bare ground, but perhaps you’ll find a use case for it. The main grill sits on the folding stand, but is not latched on in any way. I didn’t find this to be an issue, but it’s something to be aware of. It has no lip around the edge, so be sure that it’s on level ground, and you’re careful when using a spatula to remove your food, as there’s nothing to keep it from falling off. I did lose one hot dog on my first excursion, but that was entirely my fault. These are small drawbacks, but overall, I didn’t need to “practice” with this grill, it just worked well.

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