Vision Grills C-Series Professional Kamado Grill

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4.6/5 on October 3, 2016

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9 reviews


  • ProZone makes starting and cleaning oven easy
  • Strong metal exterior, ceramic interior
  • Cheaper than Kamado Joe Classic
  • Includes rolling stand and shelves


  • No major complaints


The Vision Grill C-Series Professional Kamado is a solid ceramic Kamado grill. When we consider this Vision Grills vs Big Green Egg, it's hard to make a case for the more expensive BGE. The included stand, shelves, and ProZone system make it a stand-out selection in a competitive market.

Vision Grills Professional C-Series Review

Vision Kamado Grill with FoodOne of the stand outs emerging from the growing kamado grill crowd is Vision Grills. Expert grillers have noted that this is a company to watch for due to their innovative designs. Most notable is their unique ProZone system. This system features a slide out insert that includes a dual damper intake, electric fire starter and an ash removal tray.  The company burst onto the kamado grill scene, and has made quite a splash. With cookers on the market like their Vision Grills C-Series Professional, it’s no wonder they are capturing a fair share of the market. They have made a compelling case for you to consider their grills as an alternative to high Big Green Egg prices.

They’ve pushed the design of traditional cookers with new innovation. Their design gives the chef more control than ever before, and significantly decreases the learning curve of classic kamado style grills. This makes the Vision Grills model an ideal choice for those who are new to outdoor cooking, or people who are looking for a hassle free experience.

Key Features

  • Vision Grills Professional C-Series ProZonePatented ProZone system: Includes an electric starter port that makes lighting your cooker much easier than the manual techniques required by other Kamado grills. It also features dedicated smoking and grilling knobs that give you additional control to achieve your desired temperature. You can also move from low to extremely high temperatures quickly. The ProZone system is designed to make a no fuss grilling experience that is user friendly.
  • Versatile Grilling Area: The Vision Grills C-Series Professional features a two level, dual flip cooking grate that expands to 604 square inches of cooking area. This design allows you to easily cook on both direct and indirect heat.
  • Heavy Duty, All Season Ceramic Exterior and Firebowl: This unit is manufactured from high quality metals for improved durability. It also provides excellent heat retention so you can cook all year long, even in cold temperatures.
  • 100% Natural Lava Stone: The lava stone creates an optimal indirect heating environment. This is ideal for maintaining the perfect temperature for smoking and baking.
  • Bundled Accessories Included: vinyl grill cover, pizza stone, electric starter, two tier cooking grate.

What We Liked

Vision Grills Professional C-Series ProZone AngleThis grill eliminates some of the most common complaints from kamado grill users. It’s electric starter port makes lighting your cooker incredibly easy. Before this technology, you had to mess around with different techniques to light your cooker. This model also features calibrated cooking vents. This gives you a lot more control over the temperature, and majorly decreases the learning curve of using a kamado style grill. This is one of the most beginner-friendly models I’ve seen so far. The included bundle of an electric start, two tier grate, and pizza stone is fantastic.

What to Look Out For

Although the quality and construction of the Vision Grills C-Series Professional grill is, for the most part, top notch, there have been a handful of complaints. Some users have complained about chips in the ceramic and manufacturing errors that allow heat to escape. Vision Grills offers a solid warranty and great customer service in case you do run into issues.

Vision Grills C-Series Professional Verdict

Vision Grills C-Series BundleThe patented ProZone system really pushes the Vision Grills C-Series Professional ahead of the pack. A lot of people who are new to kamado style cooking often express frustration with the learning curve. Many traditional models require some practice to learn how to achieve certain temperatures. The team at Vision Grills has been careful in their design to combat these issues. Although this unit is more expensive that some of your entry level models, like the Char-Griller, the hassle free design more than justifies the extra investment.

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