Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

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4.5/5 on September 14, 2016

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  • Weber quality
  • Compact
  • Even and effective cooking


  • A little pricey
  • Not as compact as folding grills


Weber brings their quality craftsmanship and design to a great campfire-portable design. If you're looking to put together the quintessential outdoor getaway, the Weber G0-Anywhere portable charcoal grill is the quintessential cooking accessory.

Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill Review – Introduction

The Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill is the perfect grill for the person on the go. Compact enough to fit in your tailgating trunk, there is nothing compact about the amount of food that you can cook up. Made with the quality that Weber is known for, it has a built-in awesome cooking design that makes it not only a fabulous take-anywhere way to grill up your favorite grill-ables, but it also has an easy assembly and take-down to transport anywhere.

Key Features

  • 160 square inches of grilling surface
  • Sturdy plated steel legs
  • A glass-reinforced handle made from nylon, which stays cool to the touch
  • Two dampers that adjust to regulate air flow, each containing three vent holes
  • Coated in porcelain enamel to prevent fading and rust

Out of the Box

The Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill weighs about fourteen and a half pounds and is 12 x 21 x 14.5 inches. That makes it lightweight and easy to take on the go. You don’t have to have a tailgating trailer, just a trunk with some extra room. Included with the grill is the lid that can be locked into place, which ensures that you won’t have a mess on your hands when you arrive at your destination or return home. It also has pivoting legs that can fit it into tight spaces.

Initial Setup

The set up is simple. All you need is a screwdriver and about ten minutes. The pieces come ready to assemble, and the instructions are as easy as can be. Once you attach the handles and put the top together, then the pivoting legs are the only piece left to start making some really amazingly juicy delicacies. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put together. If you follow the directions, it only takes about ten minutes to screw all the pieces in place.

Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill Performance

Although compact in size, this unit can easily handle six burgers or four large-sized steaks with ease. Because it is not propane powered, cooking on it may take a little longer, but the quality of the taste is what matters. The vents allow for the perfect air flow to evenly cook your meat to the perfect temperature. Simply a grill, it doesn’t have the capacity to smoke foods, but the design of the grill allows for even cooking, which ensures that you get consistency. That is something you can’t get with all portable charcoal grills.

To get the best taste, make sure to place the coals in a pyramid shape. That will allow for more ventilation through the coals and helps them to catch fire quicker. Also, if you pre-soak the coals in a half a cup of lighter fluid prior to beginning, you won’t have to wait around for the coals to ignite, they will be fire-ready! However, if you’d like to learn more about alternatives to lighter fluid, ready our charcoal fire guide.


The Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill is an excellent grill to take on the go or to host a small gathering. Although extremely compact, it has a large enough surface area to cook enough for the entire party. Because it isn’t powered by propane, it is not as simplistic as other grills, and it takes a little longer, but the quality of the convection design makes up for it.

For those looking for a traditionally charcoal cooked meal, this model offers the top of the line. Coated with an enamel that is meant to last, you don’t have to be concerned with rust or fading. It looks as good the one-hundredth time you use it as it does the first. It also won’t make a mess in transport; the lock tight lid ensures that the grill is kept in place for easy transit.

Weighing just fourteen and a half pounds, it is a one-man grill that you can take anywhere. In addition, the pivoting legs allow you to fit it into compact spaces. Take it tailgating, camping, or just on a picnic, this take along unit isn’t a huge production, nor does it involve one.

Perhaps the best feature of this model is the price. For under $60 you get all the quality that Weber is known for without the huge price tag. Not a huge investment to make, it is an exceptional buy. For the weekend warrior or the once-a-year adventure seeker, this grill is easy to store, easy to carry anywhere, and easy on your wallet. A great buy, it has everything you need and not all the other accessories you don’t.

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